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Our process is simple; whenever you need any of our cleaning services, shoot us a message or call to initiate the process. We offer both contract and contract-free work. Talk to us to decide what’s best for you.

Construction site cleanup may seem like a DIY task to some, but it’s not because it’s likely that you won’t be able to maintain proper safety standards, and you don’t have the skills or equipments to do it properly.

Electrostatic spraying is best to kill all the bacteria and viruses within minutes. And it’s safe for all types of services and can even work on electrical equipment.

Commercial cleaning’s cost is not specific and varies from property to property and different requirements. We offer according to sq. ft and hourly. Contact us to settle on what’s best for you.

We use appropriate advanced tools to detect ATP on any surface and share a detailed report.

The glass needs utmost care, and that’s why we do it with extreme care so that the windows are not scratched with debris.

It depends on the object. Most of the time, we take care of it and try our best that no items will get damage with pressure washing. And if there’s a high chance of damage, we warn the clients.  

Yes, with proper SOPs, we can operate. We also request you to cooperate with our teams and follow the cautionary COVID guidelines.

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