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A Trustworthy Companion For Post-Construction Cleanup

Charlotte, NC, is the home of several new construction projects. New apartment buildings and condo buildings are being constructed every year, including hotels, residences, bureaus, and commercial buildings. New building projects are messy, as any developer, architectural firm, or construction company can tell you. There’s a long way to go between a building’s physical completion and its preparation for commercial activities. So, here is your very own Harris Commercial Group, LLC to help you with the post-construction cleaning services. We provide the expertise, experience, services, equipment, and manpower you need to get your facility ready as you transition from construction to grand opening.  We are here to make your post-construction experience a painless and seamless one.

Prompt and Safe Services by Professionals

We aim for a wide range of timely, competent, and comprehensive post-construction cleanings in your area. The cleanup needed after a construction project is often too much for regular employees to manage quickly. Nothing is more frustrating than closing down a section of a building or delay closing due to a lack of cleanliness. That’s where our post-building cleaning services come along with our professional experts.

Benefits of Services:

After a big new building project, cleaning up isn’t an easy job for any maid service to tackle. It necessitates previous project management experience, a strong team of cleaners, and industrial cleaning supplies necessary for large-scale cleaning projects.